Vector Test

Playing with hand vector creations of my Red Room series is turning out to show some progress as I learn Serif Draw Plus X8. First one should be done soon. The Mischief addition is almost finished as well!  

Locked Out

So I've got the Surface Pro 3 set up with Mischief and I seem to be experiencing a block of sorts. It's starting to get irritating in contrast with my hardware excitement. Hopefully I'll have another Red Room visit done soon  

New Hardware

After a disastrous loss of files from the good old Galaxy Note 8,I've finally upgraded to a Surface Pro 3. The Red Room series may take a slightly painterly direction as I acclimate myself to Mischief and the Surface. Great things to come, my inky loves! 

Back to some momentum

Finally, an addition to the Red Room with visitor number 8. At the same time that she was getting posted to the site, I've already started on visitor number 9! Also, you'll notice that I've changed the name of the site. I think a lot of people were taking the way "rapier" is sounded out and running with it into the dark. Normally I wouldn't mind, but that's a dodgy cloud of things to have trotting back to me when being viewed by less creative (or maybe significantly more creative) minds. I think I like "Inky Thinking" though. Its got a better flow to it!. 

Toben's Planet

After coming out of surgery and getting through some painful nights, I've managed to get some drawing and painting therapy in and make some progress on Toben's Planet! I'm hoping to have it done and printed before Christmas. Maybe it was the meds or maybe its the fact that I see a bevy more different colors on/in Toben's mom than are perceivable to the naked eye but I started playing with strokes of color to represent contact points of light on her belly. I'm rather excited to see how that will contrast against the paint that we put on her belly after finishing painting the baby room. Do let me know how you feel about the progress so far. It's in The Waiting Room. There's still much to be done but I want this to still have a painterly feel while having smooth transitions of color.

Toben's Planet

I've started a digital painting of Toben's mother, Sarah, that I'm hoping I can finish before Christmas and get printed onto a canvas. I want to use a series of colors to show the emotion that light adds to the skin when there is a life within a life. I've only recently started it and I have promised it to Sarah but she doesn't know when I'm going to give it to her. For now, progress of that painting will go in the waiting room until such time as it is a finished product or its added to a series. 

I've created a Gofundme fundraiser

So, I spontaneously decided to create a fundraiser for myself. I can't say that its the most just or holier than thou cause but I suppose the beauty of such things is that people can always choose to dismiss it without much in the way of pins and needles. This'll gave me the opportunity to repaint all the pieces from the Red Room in larger vectorized dimensions so they can be ready to go to canvas print one day. Truth be told, this online gallery is the brain child to create a small physical one. If this fundraiser goes will, hopefully, I'll have a Cintiq Companion that I can start using Adobe Creative Suite on to recreate old and new pieces as well as easily freelance for clients here and there. I'm praying that this transforms things! You can donate to my Gofundme at this link;

Born into Forgiveness

"Be born through the darkness of numb comfort into the blinding painful light of life, that you may be scorched into tribulation and gushing, a gnashing of teeth under the sunlight and a singular stillness by the senseless simpleness of the moonlight. That through your suffering you may make some little scar on the marble milk surface of reality and whither smiling back into a familiar and now soothing light. All is forgiven of your untold steps and shouts."

Forgiveness born

As I was adding updates to the Strokes In Motion piece I felt words coming to my mind that felt important to remember. I know this stage of the painting will remind me of them but I don't want to forget the details of it. Therefore, I'll be placing them here so that they might inspire me. Perhaps its because they are reminiscent of the epiphanies and emotions I thought I would have upon the arrival of my new born beautiful boy. 


There may be some delays on my updating due to the wonderful arrival of my healthy 9 pound 10 ounce son, Toben. I will be working on some artwork that will go to canvas for his room and for his mother's room. Some of that work will probably make it to "The Waiting Room" but I assure you that I'll be back shortly with more updates for "Strokes in Motion". 

Strokes in Motion update!

So I just added another stage to the Strokes in Motion gallery showing some shadows that I've added to the painting. I think it helps to create a sense of depth and vastness that is beginning to form in this vortex. 

canvas sales

I think it might be time to start offering some of these up for sale as prints. What do you guys think? Maybe offer up the services to create bespoke Red Room variants for interested parties. Any constructive input on that?

Strokes in stillness

I think its time I put some attention to my "Strokes in Motion" section, don't you. I've been avoiding it because I don't really know where the painting is going and I'm trying to do a completely different style from what I'm used to doing. I just have to take some time and jump in!

Red Room visitors

So it looks like I'll have another visitor adding to the Red Room series roster. Hopefully she'll be done and ready for the rouge within a day or so. Glad that I finally got through my block and determined a perfect addition to the cast. 

Red Room 6

Successfully posted a 6th piece to the Red Room series. I'm hoping you enjoy it! Already started work on what could be Red Room entrant # 7. 

Strokes in Motion

So I just added a slight update to the first piece piece in the Strokes in Motion section. I think this gallery will show specific long term painterly pieces and their progression over time to a finished product. The differences are rather slight but I'm fairly happy with them so far.